Odessa – URSS (USSR) – 1930

“It was offi­cially decided in the course of the 10th Con­gress of the All-Russian Com­mu­nist Party and pro­mul­gated by decree on 21 March 1921, “On the replace­ment of food­stuffs req­ui­si­tions by fixed food­stuffs tax”.
In essence, the decree required the farm­ers to give the gov­ern­ment a spec­i­fied amount of raw agri­cul­tural prod­uct as a tax in kind. Fur­ther decrees refined the pol­icy and expanded it to include some industries.
The New Eco­nomic Pol­icy was replaced by Stalin’s First Five-Year Plan in 1928.
About that time an Amer­i­can pho­tog­ra­pher Bran­son DeCou and trav­eller was vis­it­ing Soviet states (republics) and have taken black and white pic­tures oll over the place. Glass photo-plates with his pho­tographs were later man­u­ally painted with acryl. The author has demon­strated these color images dur­ing his lec­tures. After his death in 1971 Branson’s wife donated these mate­ri­als to Cal­i­for­nia Uni­ver­sity, Santa Crus, US.
Please see below fea­tured pho­tographs of Soviet Odessa, one of the biggest cities of Ukraine in 1930.”