Resposta a uma Questão (Dirigida por um meu Leitor na Net) Sobre a Necessidade da Religião

Well sir, they need first understand how the things behave for and through themselves and how to make things to satisfy their natural needs. Second, people need to understand  from what they, and all the things, exists and where they came from. This global explanation, the first explanation of the World they lived, was an anthropomorphic and sociomorphic explanation, in other words, a mythicist explanation, because they don’t understand how Nature works and also the origins of society and values. The structure of  the cosmos pictures the structure of their society. That’s why the king, and their status became the first god. This is how I understand the very origins of religion. Nowadays, religion is, in developed countries, a response to existential and private demands. Perhaps, it will be the future of religion. Religion must be a private concern and not a political force.